Hi, I’m Dianna! I’m a married mother of two teenage boys, and I love sharing the adventures I go on. I’m not a prolific writer or mega traveler, but I do think I lend a bit of humor to describing my adventures.

After owning a salon & spa, and wearing all the hats as a small business owner, I discovered an interest in Social Media. Instead of returning to the world of accounting after closing my salon, I started Chill Digital Marketing. During covid I picked up a jewelry making hobby and decided to turn that into a full time gig, so I closed Chill Digital Marketing. When I’m not off galavanting around the world, you can find me in my workshop (The Chill Shop) making new pretties.

Dianna Rands

PS – You may be wondering why “Chill” is in my last two business names…it comes from my sons Charlie & Will 😉