Instagram Business Account with Insights

Is it worth the switch?

Instagram got us all excited about the release of their proprietary ‘Insights’ earlier this year. We all waited patiently for it’s release. But is?it all it was cracked up to be? Maybe not…

We went ahead and switched our accounts (not our clients’) over to a business profile, just to test the functionality of it; but the lingering question is whether or not we will get penalized down the road. Business pages on Facebook have to “pay to play” these days, whereas personal profiles are getting increased?exposure to friends and family. And since Facebook owns Instagram, we can pretty confidently make the conclusion that the same fate will befall our business profiles on IG in the future.

When you use these social platforms for business purposes, the ‘Insights’ and ‘Analytics’ are valuable tools to test whether or not the work you are doing is, well… working! We are going to take a look at two different analytical tools for Instagram business profiles. The first will be the native ‘Insights’ tool that the new Instagram Business Account offers, and the second will be using information supplied on a third party platform that specializes in Instagram called Iconosquare. (All of the following stats and images come from our sister company, Chill Digital Marketing.)

If you haven’t converted your account to a business account, you first need to switch it to be able to see these insights. Select the cog wheel in the upper right corner:



Next, select “Switch to Business Profile” and follow the steps to make this change.



On a side note, it does appear that for now, you can always revert back to a Personal Account. Not sure if this will go away or not.





Now that you have switched your account, you will see four?”statistics bars” in the upper right corner next to the settings cog wheel.


Select these bars to open the Insights for your account. (Note: you will only be able to access Insights if you have at least 100 followers!)?Once inside, you get some great basic data. The top section you can scroll through to see your impressions for the week, your reach for the week, and your profile views. In the past, I have seen clicks to website as well (when folks click on your link in your “About” section).

img_0729? ? ? ?img_0730? ? ?? img_0731


In the next section, you can see your top posts for the week.?If you select “See More”, you will see a list of posts. By clicking on any of the blue words in the description, you can pull up the filters and change them to what you wish to look at.

img_0413? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?img_0732


You can select the back arrow in the top left to return to the main ‘Insights’ page. In the third section, you can see more detailed demographics of your audience: gender, age, locations, and times of day, as well as days of the week, that your followers are most active. Select the “See More” to get to that data.

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Be sure to click on the different options in each section to get other types of data for that category.

Not only do you get the benefit of the ‘Insights’ when switching your IG account from a personal to business account, but you also get the option to run ads on posts directly within the app. Personal accounts cannot do this. And with each passing week, the ability to advertise on IG through the Facebook Ads platform deteriorates.

Now onto Iconosquare.

While Iconosquare can provide you with all of the same information, they also have some features that you would have to keep a separate spreadsheet going?if only using the IG Insights. I won’t be covering EVERYTHING they offer, but I will point out some nice features.

This first little feature falls under their “Community” section. You can see who is following you?that you are not following back. While you probably don’t need to follow all your followers, sometimes you may want to follow some of them back! Within this section, directly from Iconosquare, you are able to instantly start following those you choose.?2016-10-21_16-21-33

Another unique feature they have is that they show you which hashtags you used that have garnered the most engagement. This can also be a nice, fun visual to include in any reporting you may do for clients or bosses.


Another graph I really like is the “Best time to post.” It point-blank states when you should post for the most engagement. Thursdays at 8pm is when Chill should be posting!


And one of the best visuals (to me, at least) is the ability to see your followers growing right before your eyes 🙂


This is just a small sampling of the features that Iconosquare offers. As of the time of this posting, you can get a 14-day FREE trial to take their program for a spin if you’d like. (I have not been paid or compensated in any way for this endorsement. I’m just a regularly paying customer of theirs.)

Only time will tell if making the switch to an Instagram business account is worth it… Right now, that will just need to be a personal decision based on each account. Hopefully this article provided you with some information and clarity to be able to make that decision for yourself!

Dianna Rands


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