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DRLLC 2016 June Article


Have you noticed any of?the Facebook Messenger profile codes floating around? Have you even heard of them? If you have heard of them, do you know how you can utilize them for your business??Keep reading to learn how!

It starts with unique codes…..

Facebook still reigns as the top dog in social media platforms. One area that they are devoting substantial business development to is Facebook Messenger. With the purchase of WhatsApp, they positioned themselves to make Messenger more robust and powerful. Facebook knows that businesses can benefit immensely by simply being reachable.

Snapchat has been growing exponentially within the younger demographics. One of the main ways you can start following someone is by using their Snapchat Code to add them to your list of folks you are following. Each user’s code is unique to their account/profile by using a specific sequence of dots like the image below.

Snapchat Code2

Not to be outdone, Facebook has designed a way to create unique profile codes that work in much the same way within Facebook Messenger. They are called Messenger Codes. These are a series of dots and dashes that are?unique to each profile (much like the designs in Snapchat and QR codes). By sharing these codes, you can direct customers to the correct Messenger account for your business.


The next step is the set up…..

Facebook has been on a slow and steady trajectory to beef up their Messenger App to become a mainstream way of communication – not just between you and your BFF. Now, businesses can utilize this tool to have quick responsive conversations with their customers.?You may have noticed the response banner on your business page.?Here is a local photographer that has the highest rating a business can have.?She does a great job of replying quickly to all messages she gets in Messenger.

response rate

In order for this to be activated, you have to meet Facebook’s response criteria (you can read more in Facebook’s Help Center):

response criteria

One way to make sure every inquiry gets a response is to set up the Response Assistant. To get there, go to “Settings” for your business page.

step 5

Then select “Messaging” from the list on the left side.

step 6

Use the toggle switches to turn on the auto responders you want to activate. You can also customize what the different messages state by selecting the “Change” button.

responsive assistant

Now you need to get?your code…..

Now I’m going to show you how to get your unique Messenger Code. First you want to go to the “Messages” tab at the top of your business page.

step 1

Once you are on your messages page, scroll to the bottom and select the information icon.

step 2

This will bring up a pop up window. Make sure that you select”?Messenger Code” at the top?to see your code. Select the “Download” button and select the size you would like to download.

step 3

?step 4

You can place this Facebook Messenger Code wherever you think clients may go?and might need to communicate with you. You can put it on brochures or flyers, in newsletters and emails. The possibilities are plenty. By making sure your autoresponders are set up and turned on, you know each inquiry will get a prompt reply!

Scanning Messenger Code with mobile devices…..

The main purpose?of Messenger Codes is to allow others to contact your business with their mobile devices. You want to make sure you are using?your business’s code in places that your customers (or potential customers) would have easy access with these devices. Here are the steps on iOS for scanning a Messenger Code.

Select the Messenger App on your iPhone.

mobile step 1

Select “People” at the bottom of the app; then select “Scan Code” at the top.

mobile step 2

Align the circle of the scanner over a Messenger Code to open a conversation with them.

mobile step 3

You can then message directly with the business or person whose code?was scanned! This account?has the autoresponder set up to reply as soon as a message is sent, which will improve the response rate for this account.

mobile step 4

Here are the steps for Android Phones.

Tell us where you use (or will use) your Messenger Code in the comments below!


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