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Social channels change all the time. One day you perform a task one way, the next you have to go about it a different way.

Recently, as I was doing some follow up emails to the guests that attended my speaking engagement on LinkedIn, I realized that there was a feature I wanted them to take advantage of, but the articles I was finding on how to do that were outdated. So the next best thing to do was to create an instruction article myself!

One feature of LinkedIn everyone should take advantage of, is creating your unique LinkedIn URL. Why they don’t automatically create it for you is beyond me, but either way, we should all customize this item.

On your profile page, select the little gear icon next to your LI URL:




When you click on that gear, it will open a new tab/window with your public LinkedIn profile screen. On the right side, you can see the box that allows you to change your public profile LinkedIn URL:




While you are here, you might as well make sure all the sections of your profile are visible to the public that you want to share. Personally, I have them all selected as you want visitors to your profile to be able to see as much information about you as possible. With LinkedIn being a business social channel, you shouldn’t have the type of information that you share on the more personal channels like Facebook or Instagram. Therefore, all the information you put on LinkedIn should be safe to share with anyone.




Customizing your LinkedIn URL is really quick and simple to do.


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