Is your website mobile ready?

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It’s being called “Mobilegeddon”. But it doesn’t have to be so scary. You may or may not have heard that Google released a big algorithm change last week on April 21st. The biggest effect this change will have is on websites that are not mobile friendly. If you spent hundreds or thousands of dollars to get your site’s SEO up, it could’ve been wasted money if you don’t have a reactive website. Google will start penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly by positioning their results much further down the results page.

I would like to point out that this search “penalty” is only applied to Google Mobile Searches (meaning searches made on mobile devices). Desktop searches will not be affected. However, you must also keep in mind that with each passing year, mobile usage increases. Right now we are seeing about half of all searches on Google coming from mobile devices. Here are 5 Fast Facts from CNN?about this change.

You want to check your website to first see if it passes Google’s analysis of what is mobile ready. To do that, go to Google’s Mobile Friendly Test. Simply type in your website’s address and click?Analyze.

Google mobile friendly test


This is the result for my page:

My test results

And this is what my site looks like on my iPhone:

My mobile site

As you can see, it is slightly different in appearance than what my website looks like on a computer, but all the same functionality is still there. All the items are easy to read and navigate. Here is an example of a site that got a failing result.

Example of bad page2

And here is what that site looks like on my iPhone.

Mobile bad site

As you can see, the first item Google stated that was not mobile friendly is the “text too small to read”.

If you are running your site on WordPress, it may be as simple as selecting a check mark in your settings to Enable a Responsive Layout (this is what it looks like for my site).

responsive check

Other website building sites may be just as simple, but you need to check.

Whether you paid someone to create your website or you did it yourself, you need to make sure it is mobile friendly. Google holds the power when it comes to search results (2/3 of online searches). And if Google does not deem your site mobile friendly, it doesn’t matter how much time or money you have put into it for SEO, you may not?be at the top of search results.




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