4 Simple tasks to improve your Newsfeed on Facebook (and 1 LinkedIn bonus)

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Have you ever wondered how you can take control of some of the information that is bombarding you on your different social media platforms? Do you want to tailor things a bit more to your liking? Don’t get derailed by stuff you don’t care (or need) to see. Here are?4 simple things you can do to improve your Facebook Newsfeed (and one bonus tip for your LinkedIn updates).

Facebook is constantly looking at their platform and trying to determine the best way to develop their product. In 2014, the biggest message for businesses was ?You have to Pay to Play?. As consumers, that meant yet another avenue for us to be bombarded with advertisements. None of us should be too quick to discredit this methodology. While, yes, as businesses we need to spend a little $$ to get in front of our audience(s), Facebook is doing a pretty good job of giving us the tools to really drill down and target the right folks. However, Facebook is also giving a little power to?those end users to choose whether or not they want to see our messages.


1) How to hide certain posts

There are mainly two types of posts: those you signed up to see and those that are paying to be in your newsfeed. Those you signed up to see then fall into two categories: friends and businesses. If you have a friend that you don?t want to ?unfriend?, but don?t necessarily care to know what they ate for lunch (you know the type, they tell you EVERYTHING they do), you can simply click on the small arrow in the top right corner of the post and decide if you want to see fewer posts like that one, or unfollow the person. Unfollowing allows you to stay friends, you just don?t see their posts anymore.

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Or you can ?unfollow? your friend from their personal profile page.

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If it is a business that you like, but don?t want to get 10 posts a day from them in your newsfeed, then you can do the same with their posts. Or, if you want to support a friend?s business by ?liking? the page, but don?t necessarily want to see the posts, you can select to ?unfollow? that business.

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Another option would be to go to that business profile page and click on the ?following? button to quit following that page, but you still ?like? that page.

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2) Saving Posts

If you are going through your newsfeed and see an article that you want to either read more about later, or simply want to save for future reference, you can do that! Simply click on that small arrow in the top right of the post for a drop down list. Then select ?Save?.?. Now you have it for later!

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Now say it?s ?later?. How in the heck do you find it again? Simple! Scroll back up to the top of your Home page. On the left hand side under your name is a list of your ?Favorites?. You will see your ?Saved? link there!

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3) Learning ?why? you see certain sponsored posts

When you come across a sponsored post on Facebook and are wondering why that post ever crossed your Newsfeed, well, now you can get a little information on that. While Facebook doesn?t disclose all the ways that you fall under that posts? target market (because that would give away too much information on their dynamic algorithm), they do provide some info. Once again, go to that useful little arrow in the top right corner of the post and select ?Why am I seeing this??

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This is the result I got for this particular ad:

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You can also Manage Your Ad Preferences from this screen too. I suggest you do this if you want to get even more control over what you see in your Newsfeed.


4) Take a short survey

This is another tool Facebook has created to give the end user more control over what they see in their Newsfeed. Here is an ad from Living Social. Once again I?ve gone to that little arrow in the top right corner.

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This time I selected that I didn?t want to see that ad. That prompted a series of windows to come up asking me more questions.

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As a former brick and mortar business owner, I was extremely unhappy with my experience with Living Social, hence my ?Something else? response.

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By taking the time to click through a few windows on my computer, I was able to garner a little more control over what I see in my Newsfeed.

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Bonus ? LinkedIn

As promised, here is one little tool you can use to better improve the content you see in the updates on LinkedIn. Many folks view this social media platform as a more professional site. This in turn makes it a go to place where professionals may not?want to be bombarded by a bunch of advertising. Therefore, if there is a certain person or business that you wish to see a bit less of on your Updates page, this is how you do that. Up in the top right of the update hover your mouse until you see ?Hide? (this one happens to be a paid post). Simply click ?Hide?.

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And that’s it! 4 really simple quick things you can do to take control over your Facebook Newsfeed (and one quick LinkedIn bonus). I would love to know?in the comments below if you found this valuable. I’m also continually looking for suggestions on future posts as well, so feel free to leave those recommendations?too.





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