It all starts…….Now!

It’s a leap of faith. ?But an exciting one that I am thrilled?to be making.

Since this is the beginning of this chapter, I feel you deserve some earlier chapters in this book.

Veterinarian. That’s what I wanted to be from the young age of 6, until I graduated high school. Initially in college, my major was biological sciences. And it was interesting. But it was not what I was feeling in my heart. With a move half way across the country (from Georgia to Colorado) and a few “working” years under my belt, I started to notice in myself another yearning….

Accounting. Numbers….I get them. We aren’t talking engineering levels here, but numbers none the less. So my college major changed. I ended up with a Business Degree from CU-Boulder (with an Accounting major). Work was great! It was stimulating! And then…..

Family. I got married and had two beautiful children (two boys if you must know). And well, they became my heart’s song. But as anyone who lives knows, time does not stand still. Those two beautiful babies turned into toddlers, then young boys who were off to school. So it was time to get “back to work”. Having been a stay at home mom for almost 6 years, I still wanted to be there for my sons whenever they needed me. At the time, that answer was to start my own business. And that business was……

A salon & spa. It was so invigorating?to be stimulating my brain again with real adult situations! Yet at the same time, it was extremely stressful running the?business….and employees. There were some aspects I didn’t like very much about being a business owner. Then there were some I really liked – social media marketing. After a few years, we decided to close the salon & spa. But my entrepreneurial spirit was still soaring high. I didn’t want to go back to accounting. I wanted something new. Something that would keep me on my toes. I wanted to be a …….

Social Media Marketing Consultant. Through my work with the Boulder Chamber as a salon & spa owner, I learned there is a disconnect in my local community between what the small business owners’ marketing needs are and what they can actually afford with their marketing budgets. I get it. I was there. I would interview everyone from solopreneurs to corporations to see what social media marketing help they could give me with my budget. I could never afford them.

My goal is to fill this gap. To offer high quality services at prices that small business owners can afford. Whether that means they become a client, or I can help them in some small way with my published articles, helping them is my main objective. Social media platforms have leveled the playing field between the big boys and the little guys. I just want to make it a fair game.

This is a start, a new beginning. So bear with me as I find my rhythm and flow of these articles. And feel free to chime in whenever the urge arises. I want to listen to you – my audience, as much as I want to share what I learn.

Dianna Rands



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